One Month In Thoughts

I like the team. Pitching is holding up for
the most part. You know Phillips will break out soon. Votto
is a beast. I will go back on what I said earlier. Nix should
be in LF on a daily basis. I did not include him in the
Hairston/Dickerson thought before. That said, Dickerson over
Hairston still. Gonzalez is an awesome defensive ss. The play
today was mind blowing. The young pitchers are starting to
get it, but I still believe we need a new pitching


Mark Fidrych

Wow!! The Bird leaves us today also?
Dropping like flies. I remember watching him on tv. What a
character. Have a cold one with Harry. And Harry.

Outfield Thoughts

I’m of the opinion that Dickerson should be playing every day. Better defense than Hairston, and come on, we all know we’re not a playoff team this year (Hope I’m wrong) so lets give Dickerson the experience that comes with playing time. He impresses me.

Taveras was a fantastic pickup. A walk is a double for him. And that rundown of the fly ball yesterday was classic. Can’t teach speed.

Bruce is still a work in progress I think. He needs to relax and just let the talent take its course.

All in all though, I think we have upgraded from last year especially with Gomes on hole in Louisville.



Was awesome today. Marty made a great point today. Young pitchers should take note of Harang today.  Actually, isn’t that Dick Poles job? Could somebody please tell me why he is still the Reds pitching coach?